Healthy Teeth Make More Money

Healthy Teeth Make More Money

Healthy Teeth Make More Money

One smile can brighten up a day. It can instantly light up any person. Whether he or she is the one smiling or the person receiving the gesture. Introductions can easily become conversations with just a smile. It makes a person more willing to take part and share stories of his or her own. Many people find it self-assuring when they see a smile on the person they are talking to. It eases up any tension and awkwardness giving way to a free-flowing conversation.

Studies even show that smiling can help a person earn a living or make more money. A person’s facial expression is contagious: it can make or break a conversation. Imagine asking a person about how his or her day went and that person’s expression instantly went from normal to a sad one. What will that make you feel? Most people will feel empathy and curiosity. It can make you want to console and do something for that person. Now, imagine asking the same person and he or she responds with a smile with a story of how his or her day went. This will surely make you feel happy and cheery as well. That is the power of facial expression.

In the business industry, having a winning smile can make you a winner as well. Psychologically, people are drawn to approachable and cheerful personas. A person or even a group of people may feel as if they want to be around people who smile more rather than the ones who are always in a sour mood or has no expression at all.

A waiter who smiles more earns more money than a waiter who just nods, takes your order, then excuses himself. Especially with first-time customers, ordering food can both be exciting and confusing. People are excited to try out this new restaurant but at the same time, menus can be quite confusing. A friendly staff is always the best to ask for suggestions on what to order. How employees interact with guests and customers greatly affects the overall rating of a restaurant or even other establishments. In this day and age, having reviews is like a golden ticket to a successful business venture. Many platforms cater to prospected customers wherein they can search, compare, and even review the places that they have been to.

During presentations, an architect who flashes a smile now and then can receive more approval and gain more clients. Even with other professions, smiling can make a lot of difference. When people are happy, they tend to be more efficient. In effect, happy people can boost the mood of people that are around them: making way to a more harmonious working environment.

Another example is when a person is selling goods. No one wants to buy from someone who doesn’t smile. A wise salesperson knows when to be serious and when to extend friendliness. Whether you are selling goods or cars, flashing that amazing smile can earn you more money.

If smiling is this powerful, then what can an individual do to make sure that he or she has that winning smile? Check down the list below and feel free to start a healthy routine today!

1.         Brush your teeth at least twice a day

This is a routine that can save a person thousands of dollars. It is one of the basic things to do to avoid tooth damage. Brushing one’s teeth before going to bed is very important. Skipping this step may lead to a thin layer of plaque-forming inside one’s mouth overnight. To make sure that you are giving your teeth the best prevention possible, consider going to your dentist and asking about fluoride varnish. Brushing alone does not 100% clean our teeth and mouth and with fluoride varnish, it will be easier to prevent tooth decay.

2.         Go visit your wonderful dental professional regularly.

Even if we follow every step in every book, nothing beats a good old trip to the dentist to know more about your dental condition. In this day and age, people—especially the young ones—tend to search the internet before even consulting a professional. While this practice is not wrong—there are certain advantages in reading about researches and blogs—there are things that only professionals can diagnose. The cost of prevention is definitely cheaper than a remedy. Therefore, visiting your dentist at least twice a year is recommended.

3.         Floss your way to a clean and healthy set of teeth

Flossing helps prevent gum disease, tooth decay and the development of plaque. There are areas where our regular toothbrush can’t reach, this instance may, later‌ ‌on, cause problems concerning our gums. With the help of flossing, this can be avoided. Studies show that flossing at least once a day boosts one’s dental health.

4.         Use mouth rinse

Mouth rinse temporarily reduces bad breath. It is a quick fix whenever you are out on a meeting and you need to freshen up. Regular use of mouth rinse may even prevent the development of cavities. There are several mouth rinse that contain fluoride. These are the ones that can help you prevent cavities and strengthen your tooth enamel. Next time you are out to buy your mouth rinse, make sure to check the label first so you can get the best out of this routine.

5.         Avoid too much sugar

Sugar is a necessity in our body but too much of it can cause several problems in the future. This includes tooth decay, wherein the bacteria feed on leftover sugars from food and liquid intake. That same bacteria can remain and nurture in one’s teeth which produces acid that eats through the teeth enamel and in turn causes cavities. If this scenario keeps on happening and left untreated, the cavity—a hole in the tooth—can spread to the deeper layers of the tooth which in turn results in great pain and tooth loss.

These are the basic steps in taking care of your teeth and having that perfect smile. Skipping some of these may cause problems in the future. Do yourself a big favor and start now!

Always remember that a person who smiles a lot tend to succeed more than those who don’t. There are things that a simple smile can do and having this trait can certainly earn you more hellos than goodbyes.

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